Cocoa Beach, Florida

During our short Orlando vacation we did manage to take a day trip to Cocoa Beach which is about an hour from Orlando. We got up early, had breakfast at the hotel, then got us some sandwiches and snacks to take with us at a local grocery store and made it there at about 10 A.M.. Since it was a weekday the place was not packed, so we easily parked our rented car at the pier’s parking lot.

We did take our beach tent with us like we always do and that came in really handy to stay away from the sun. But if you don’t have one you can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas right on the beach. They’re not that expensive and are totally worth it.


Lounge chair and umbrellas for rent at Cocoa Beach

The waves were not that big but they were pretty decent and we also saw that they had beach volleyball for those who did not want to spend all day in the water. One piece of advice I do want to give you is to bring lots and lots of sunscreen because even though we did, we still got totally sunburned!

The beach at Cocoa Beach

Like I mentioned before, we brought sandwiches and snacks with us but if you don’t want to bother or forget to bring some, the pier has a pretty good restaurant where you can have something to eat. You will also find very clean bathrooms and showers, which were also a plus.

Cocoa Beach

Overall, we had a short, yet fantastic vacation. And even though we did have a few setbacks, we are definitely looking forward to our next Orlando, Florida adventure.

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